Capitol Competition

The Competition
To maintain our strong influence in Washington, DC, we encourage all NECA chapters to participate in the NECAPAC Capitol Competition. Chapters will compete against similar-sized chapters in their group to raise the most funds for NECAPAC.

The Prize

The winning chapter for each group at the end of the year will receive recognition and an award at AEI in 2024.

Contest Timeline
January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023

2022 Winners
Dirksen Group: North Florida Chapter
Russell Group: Alaska Chapter
Longworth Group: Atlantic Coast Chapter
Rayburn Group: San Diego County Chapter

Dirksen Group

(Chapters with 14 or fewer members)

Quad Cities Chapter


South Texas Chapter


Arkansas Chapter


Russell Group

(Chapters with 15 - 30 members)

North Texas Chapter


Nebraska Chapter


Arizona Chapter


Longworth Group

(Chapters with 31-49 members)

Alaska Chapter


Dakotas Chapter


Northeastern Illinois Chapter


Rayburn Group

(Chapters with 50 or more members)

Puget Sound Chapter


Oregon-Columbia Chapter


Chicago Chapter